Webinar Training

New to the Living Stones Network, webinars allow interactive team training from the comfort of your desk, office or living room.  Learning as an individual or as a leadership/eldership team.  These 1 hour sessions will comprise of a 20 minute presentation followed by 40 minutes of interactive discussion by the attendees and presenter.

We will be offering new topics or material already delivered at one of the forums or at THRIVE conference monthly, together with two convenient time-slots. This will allow other team members to join in without the need to travel. 


Looking at the process and the people involved in finding and developing your unique vision as a church or ministry.  Brad Carr (BotanyLife Community Church) will revisit his session presented at THRIVE 2017, address questions and open up a discussion time.  If this is an area that you and your church leadership are grappling with - then this webinar is for you and your team! Click here to view the recording


In this webinar, Steve Murray (Lifezone Church) will look at the importance of caring, acknowledging and bringing the best out of your volunteer teams. How can we move from just being on a roster, to being part of a team? He will delve into 5 practical steps that you can use for this crucial area in the body of the church. Gather your staff or leadership team to learn together and embrace new concepts to build relationships with your volunteers. Click here to view the recording

THE SERVICE LEADER - February 2018

Our church services contain worship, teaching & notices which tens to be the main three along with connect times, bible readings, baptisms, prayers and a range of other important things. Question is, once the planning is done, are our services then controlled by a run sheet? Are they simply a procession of people doing their thing? Or, is there a more profound dynamic at play, where the congregate people are led towards a greater degree of worship and response? In this webinar, Nick Field (The Street Church) explores the role of "The Service Leader" in our services, and how to lead effectively in the Sunday service. Click here to view the recording


We all know about warnign lights. I have one on my stove top at home: it glows when the element under the glass is still hot. You have warnign lights on the dashboard of your car. They are there for your safety as well as your passengers. They are not to be ignored. There are warning lights also in our spiritual lives. Ignore them and not only will you suffer, but also those you lead. If you are in a minsitry role in your church, you need to be aware of a number of warning lights common to us all. In this webinar, Peter Somervell (Grace Church) will address 10 Warning Lights for Highly Vulnerable Leaders.