These one day events are aimed at equipping volunteers and ministry teams in a local church or group of churches in an area.  The content of the training will be shaped by the outcomes from the Senior Leaders and Ministry Leaders Forums, and delivered either as live training or via a webinar.


We recognise the need to continue to provide more generic leadership training such as general leadership skills, Bible and theology, character etc

STRUCTURE FOR GROWTH - 1 day training day

This training day is purposely designed for Leadership teams, as it unpacks 5 main issues facing church leadership grappling with the planning and effects of church growth.  Nick Field (Lead Pastor, The Street City Church, Wellington) will facilitate an interactive discussion on how church leadership can structure themselves for church growth.  The training day is from 9-3pm, costs $45 per person and includes morning tea.

Topics will include:

  • IT STARTS WITH ME - exploring beliefs, assumptions, fears and doubts. This session seeks to set us free, to actually believe that growth is possible.
  • GET OUT OF THE RUT - identifying ruts in our church, filling them in and then leading them to defining ministry momentum.
  • KEEP IT SIMPLE - often a key barrier to growth is the fact that we are doing too much.  This practical session identifies and rates all the ministries of the church.
  • LIFT THE LID -  any organisation will only grow as much as the leadership of the organisation can cope with. In this session we will explore the concept "structure serves vision"
  • WHO DECIDES -  often we appoint staff and leaders in reaction to growth. This session will flip that process and look at appointing leadership to create growth.



Flowing out of the Ministry Leaders Forum, these training days are aimed at specific areas of ministry within churches.  In some cases, training will be delivered through a particular church that has best practice (thus teams would travel to that church, Organic Outreach being one example) and in other cases, the trainer will travel to a particular church or region.



These forums are the engine room of Living Stones.  They draw senior leaders and ministry leaders together, enabling the sharing of best practice and the exploring of our biggest ministry challenges.  Each forum will explore questions that have been raised beforehand, with input from experienced leaders as well as time for discussion and sharing as participants learn from one another.

There are two ministry forums:


The Senior Leaders Forum is a two day "locker room".  It is an energetic talk-fest, sharing best practices and exploring ministry challenges together.



The Ministry Leaders Forum is an event that brings together paid staff and ministry leaders in similar roles to share best practices, discuss challenges and connect together. Each ministry group will break out into their area of responsibility and explore questions that have been raised beforehand, with input from an experienced Ministry Leader as well as discussion and sharing as partcipants learn from one another.

  • Outreach / Mission
  • Worship / Sunday Services
  • Children
  • Youth
  • Small groups / Pastoral Care / Assimilation
  • Operations / Executives



New to the Living Stones Network, webinars allow interactive team training from the comfort of your desk, office or living room.  Learning as an individual or as a leadership/eldership team.  These 1 hour sessions will comprise of a 20 minute presentation followed by 40 minutes of interactive discussion by the attendees and presenter.

We will be offering new topics or material already delivered at one of the forums or at THRIVE conference monthly, together with two convenient time-slots. This will allow other team members to join in without the need to travel.