The SaLT course involves three key components: community, study and ministry involvement. We believe a program that involves these different areas will result in well-rounded servant-leaders.


Participants in the SaLT course will meet fortnightly together in a small group for a period of two years. We believe that learning happens best in the context of small groups and informed interaction with peers and experienced teachers. Because of this, SaLT is limited to 10-12 people in each two year course. This involvement in the SaLT group would be in addition to participation in a community group, just as elders’ management and shepherding meetings are in addition to their community group involvement.


In this SaLT group, we will work through four semesters of courses, three semesters in the areas of head, heart and hands (theology, character and ministry skills) plus a semester on the vision and philosophy of the church. See below for a fuller explanation of this curriculum. This will also include a one-day retreat during the first year, which we use to share our life stories with one another.

Ministry Involvement

We believe that the best learning and development takes place in the context of doing ministry, not by isolating ourselves away from people and problems. Therefore, our expectation is that participants in the SaLT program will continue their involvement in whatever BotanyLife community groups and ministries they are currently in (unless they are involved in multiple areas and wisdom suggests that something will need to go). This is in keeping with the elders’ level of commitment in the church, where their management and shepherding meetings are in addition to their community group involvement and participation in ministry teams.

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