Engaging the Next Generation

3000 -  That’s how many free hours on average a parent has with their young person every year. 40 - That’s how many hours a church has on average in a year to communicate all they can about God, the Bible and faith. What if we leveraged some of the 40 to impact the 3000? How do we help parents and leaders to be intentional and strategic? It’s not about doing more, but being more intentional. Discover transferable principles for engaging families and developing a strategy to empower the Next Generation. Margaret Spicer is on the senior leadership team at Greenlane Christian Centre overseeing NextGen ministries. She has recently returned to NZ after leading Generational Ministries at Crossway Baptist Church in Melbourne. She is a strategic leader and practitioner. Join us while she unpacks some “next steps” for the leading the Next Generation.

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