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The Retreat enables us to connect with one another, building trust and developing community while spending time being revitalized and refreshed.  In 2018, the Refuel Mentoring Retreat was opened up to spouses of Senior Leaders as we recognise that they too share the burdens and joys of leading the church.

refuel mentoring retreat

Refuel Mentoring Retreat is a unique retreat specifically designed for Senior Leaders and/or their spouses. The goal for this event is that senior leaders will leave Refuel refreshed spiritually, emotionally and physically.

This retreat is for one senior leader and their spouse from your church, to join us at Refuel Mentoring Retreat in the company of fellow leaders to recalibrate and renew!

The retreat will be starting at 1pm Tuesday 22nd October thru to 12noon Thursday 24th October.  All travel arrangements must be made outside of these times. The cost to attend is $295 per person and includes all meals and share accommodation. Your flights are additional.

Are you leading from a healthy place, spiritually, emotionally and physically? How would those that know you best answer that question about you? Here’s a better question: How would the Lord answer that question as he looks at the way you are living and leading? 

At Refuel Mentoring Retreat 2019 we plan to explore these multi-layered questions, conceding that they are really difficult to answer.
Drew Leaver, Senior Pastor of Northeast Bible Church in San Antonio, will be sharing ways to maintain a healthy soul in the middle of complex ministry. Drew is an excellent Bible expositor and a very insightful servant of Christ and I'm sure we will hear Christ as he opens his life and God’s Word to us. Rowland Forman, Mentor, will be addressing the same topic from a very personal perspective.

For a number of years now, Living Stones has offered Refuel as an opportunity for Pastors to leave the joys and burdens of church leadership behind and come to a quiet place to find some soul rest. This invitation is for one senior leader and spouse from your church to join us at the Refuel Mentoring Retreat 2019 in the company of fellow leaders, to reflect healthy leadership. Please still join us if your spouse is unable to attend. This is not a marriage retreat and you will gain maximum benefit either way.
This year the Refuel Mentoring Retreat will be at the Tongariro Lodge, 35-minutes drive from Taupo and just five minutes north of Turangi. The Retreat will start at 1:00pm Tuesday 22 October through to 12:00 noon Thursday 24.  All airport arrivals into Taupo on Tuesday must be by 11:00am and departures on Thursday from 3:00pm onwards. Once you have booked your flights, please forward those details through to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Come with a prayerful and expectant spirit - that the Lord Jesus will grace us with a sense of his Presence as we come with him to a quiet place to get some well-needed rest.


22-24 October 2019  /  TONGARIRO LODGE, TONGARIRO  /  $295 /  Register here