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Organic Outreach

Living Stones Network provides administrative and training support for Organic Outreach© in New Zealand. 

Organic Outreach© is about living the kind of life that naturally draws people to Jesus. It involves speaking the kinds of words that you use in ordinary conversations and that reveal the presence of a loving God. It means loving people in a way that is genuine. Organic Outreach© is all about sharing our faith in a way that is authentic, real, and feels natural to the people around us.

We're here to help!

Here are some ways to find out more and get started to implement the Organic Outreach© model in your church.

  1. Read the Organic Outreach for Churches book by Kevin Harney, click here to order. OO for Churches    OO for Ordinary People    
  2. Check out the free resources on the Organic Outreach International website here.
  3. Talk to Igor about your church situation, or click here to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  4. Attend the 2-day Intensive training course, designed for the person heading up outreach and a senior leader in your church.
  5. Sign up to a 12 month cohort where you'll be on a video call with other outreach team leaders for support and encouragement.


2-day intensive

WHat's it about?

This is a deep dive into Organic Outreach for Churches with workshop time built into the schedule. Participants will leave with an action plan for launching a journey of transformation of their church.


This is an awesome opportunity to become an outreach focussed church. This whole event will equip one or two leaders from your organisation to take your congregation through the Organic Outreach process.


Our invitation is for one to a maxium of 4 people from your church to attend.  Your pastor (we believe it is vital he is on board, and is part of the process), and one other person that would become the Outreach Influence Team Leader (OITL).  If your pastor is going to be the OITL it is ideal that he brings someone with him to take over the role in the ensuing months. Then one or two others that are considered gate keepers...champions of the vision.


The cost to attend the 2 Day Intensive will be $280 per person. This includes:

  • two full training days
  • most meals during the two days
  • resource manual plus your own copy of Organic Outreach for Churches provided as a pre-reader to attending the Intensive
  • help in designing a customised outreach plan for your church
  • opportunity to join a leader's cohort for two years. 

Interested in hosting this event?

If you would like to host this event at your church for your team and surrounding churches, then please get in contact with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to secure an event.