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This forum is the engine room of Living Stones.  It draws senior leaders together, enabling the sharing of best practice and the exploring of our biggest ministry challenges.  The forum will explore topics that have been raised beforehand, with input from experienced leaders as well as time for discussion and sharing as participants learn from one another.


The Senior Leaders Forum is a two day "locker room" hosted in one of the churches in the Living Stones Network. Whereas the Refuel Mentoring Retreat is about soul care and connecting with one another in a relaxing environment, the Senior Leaders Forum is an energetic talk-fest, sharing best practices and exploring ministry challenges together. This forum also gives an opportunity for Senior Leaders to discuss future training opportunities within the network. We will explore 9 hot-topical issues that have been raised beforehand, with input from an experienced Senior Leader, as well as discussion and sharing as participants learn from one another. This open for one senior leader to represent your church.

The Senior Leaders Forum will begin Wednesday 9am and conclude Thursday 4pm. Please book your flights outside of these times. Please advise your flight times to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., so an airport collection can be arranged. Forum materials, lunch and refreshments are included.

A group booking for accomodation has also been arranged, so please advise if you would like your This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  This will be shared accommodation, on a first in, first served bases, at approx $70-$80 per night.  Plus, a group dinner booking has been made for the evening of 6 March. Both the accomodation and the meal will be at an additional cost.

6-7 MARCH 2019  /  RANGIORA BAPTIST CHURCH, christchurch  /  $90  

Topics for 2019 are:

  • Domestic Harm
    - this presentation will help us understand what domestic harm actually is, explore the unseen reality of it within our churches, and share some first steps to weaken its hold on individuals and families around us.

  • Growing an Effective Global Mission Strategy
    sending kiwi missionaries vs. supporting indigenous leaders (either direct or via a mission partner), apart from funding, how does the wider church get involved?

  • The Gospel: Salvation vs the Larger Gospel
    - a group discussion looking at what do we mean when we talk about the Gospel? What is included in this?

  • Community Engagement
    - providing a place of connection and a sense of belonging, hope and restoration. This presentatio will focus on 6 different ministries that engages the church with the community.

  • Developing Ministry Skills in your Team
    - your team is crucial in achieving the mission of the Church, but they don't thave all the skills they need. This presentation will explore the various aspects and possible options for development of those skills for ministry.

  • End of Life Care
    - a presentation of a whole new development for Spiritual Leaders, sanctioned by the Ministry of Health, working alongside doctors & nurses in providing effective care to the dying. Why we see this initiative being a major key in the debate on euthanasia.

  • Staff Care and Retention
    - a presentation addressing the various apects about caring for members of your team in such a way that not only drives productivity but also fosters long-term engagement, belonging and retention.

  • Longevity of the Senior Leader
    - how do you pace yourself for the jounrey of pastoral ministry so that you not only survive, but you thrive and build a legacy to pass on after many years of faithful ministry as opposed to changing every 5 years?

  • Succession Planning
    - a change in senior leadership has a huge impact on the church. This interview-style presentation will provide some significant wisdom in the planning and implementation of succession in the local church.