Our Staff

Igor Gerritsen / General Manager

B. Min (Adelaide College of Ministries), M.A. (Christian Leadership) (Dallas Theological Seminary). Igor joined us in the new role of General Manager in July 2016.  He brings experience in business management, law enforcement and Lead Pastor to his role in Living Stones. He is married to Hanna, they have three children and he is based in Tauranga. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hanna Gerritsen / event manager

Hanna joined us in 2020.  She makes all the events happen and knows how to care for the leaders. She is married to Igor, they have three children and she is based in Tauranga. hThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



We have chosen the term “Mentor Teachers” because our commitment is to be more than lecturers. We desire to impact the Living Stones learners through life-related biblical teaching, but also through life-on-life interaction.

Here are some of the Mentor-Teachers in our Training Days, Webinars, Retreats and Conferences:

  • Brad Carr (Preaching Pastor, Summit Church, Auckland)
  • Daryl Bay (Senior Pastor, Hope Community Church, Nelson)
  • Igor Gerritsen (General Manager, Living Stones Network)
  • Jonathan Dove (Senior Pastor, Grace City Church, Auckland)
  • Miles Davison (Lead Pastor, Heretaunga Christian Centre, Wellington)
  • Nick Field (The Way, Wellington)
  • Peter Somervell (Lead Pastor, Grace Church, Nelson)
  • Reuben Munn (Lead Pastor, Shore Community Church, Auckland)
  • Rowland Forman (Mentor, Living Stones, Auckland)
  • Steve Murray (Lead Pastor, Lifezone Church, Tauranga)
  • Jack Warren (Executive Pastor, Chase Oaks Church, Dallas, Texas)
  • Brent Dolfo (Leadership Network, Vancouver, Canada)
  • Richard Black (Counsellor & Director, Mind Health, Christchurch)