Kevin Harney a

Kevin Harney  
(Lead Pastor, Shoreline Church, Monterey CA)

When it comes to determining spiritual maturity we look at indicators in terms of growth, not of achievement. Each Christian is at a different stage of their walk with Christ and the desire is for there to be forward movement, not perfection in every way. A Christian who accepted Christ but has lived for forty years outside of a relationship with God should look different than a Christian who has been faithfully growing in their relationship with God for forty years.

Once someone has made the decision to put their faith in Jesus Christ, there should begin to be certain characteristics of growth in their life that will be achieved by their own discipline, the support of community, and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Kevin will be digging into 7 "Markers of Maturity", helping leaders discern their own discipleship journey, and look at how you can bring these tools to bear in your life, family, and church.

  1. Growth in Character: the fruits of the Spirit
  2. Growth in Knowing and Applying God's word: the bible
  3. Growth in Prayer and Worship: lifting God up to His proper place
  4. Growth in Service: we must become less and learn to serve
  5. Growth in Generosity: we give because He gave it all
  6. Growth in Community: fellowship with the church
  7. Growth in Outreach: organically reaching the world with God's love


Timon Bengtson a
Timon Bengston  
(Lead Pastor, CityReach Baptist, Adelaide SA)

"Follow me!" With these two simple words Jesus set the agenda for every one of his disciples. Disciples live a life of surrender to Christ and ultimately live for the glory of Christ. In his sessions Timon will be unpacking two passages from the gospel of Mark inspiring us to consider our call to discipleship and the cost of our discipleship. What every disciple of Jesus needs is not only practical strategies for growth but also to hear the words of their saviour saying once again, "Follow me and I will make you fisher of men."


John Douglas a
John Douglas
(Associate Pastor, Bethlehem Baptist, Tauranga)

"God equips the called; he does not call the equipped." The Jesus, who calls us to follow and serve Him, was and is "a trainer." He equips those who follow Him. He takes us from where we encounter Him, progressively forming us; working through "focused" and on-the-job training experiences. Discipleship is a training-culture, through this session John will engage training's "yes and how questions" against a range of possibilities, processes, and relationships . Examining Jesus' "five-level process of training from Luke's record of how Jesus trained"


Brad Carr  
(Lead Pastor, BotanyLife Community Church, Auckland)

Discipleship is one of these jargon words in the Christian world that lots of people use, but there isn't always a lot of clarity about what they mean. What is "discipleship"? What is a "disciple"? And how do we develop and grow disciples in the twenty-first century? Brad's session will rethink what discipleship really means, and explore the key components that make it happen.


 Nick Field  

Nick Field  
(Lead Pastor, The Street Church, Wellington)

"They continued to meet together."  Discipleship in the New Testament is never seperate from community in fact, community is a powerful tool in people's transformation. As church leaders we face the challenge of fostering effective disciple making communities and then seeing them remain true to mission. This session will explore the strengths and challenges involved in developing intentional disciple making communities in the church.

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