Thrive Seminars

Seminars will be informative and inspirational breakout sessions. Each seminar will be 1 hour in length and are repeated to enable you to attend two of the 6 options during your time at conference:


  • Thinking Well - raising the awareness of the internal dialogue going on in our minds that affect our actions. Helping others to think well.

  • Transforming the Heart - how do we help other people who are discipling to implement great spiritual practices so that they become the people God intends them to be. The disciplines we put in place shapes who we become tomorrow.

  • The Power of the Question - the rationale for great questions. What does a great question do? Practical examples for a mentoring or small group setting.

  • The Challenges we face in making discisples in the 21st century - engaging with the amoral nature of society, people with little or no Christian background, a multiple of beliefs,etc

  • Establishing a framework for Leadership Development - in the context of discipling how are we moving people towards leadership. What does leadership development look like?

  • Making Disciples in a Multi-cultural context - what does it look like to help the different cultures grow together towards Christ in the Church?

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