Thrive Speakers

Jeff Jones  
(Senior Pastor, Chase Oaks, Dallas TX)

  • Sharing the Vision - having got the right people around the table and developed a compelling, God-glorifying vision, how do you communicate that in multiple contexts to inspire people to get on board?
    - How do you share the vision compellingly to a large group or congregation?

    - How do you share the vision conversationally to individuals or small groups?
    - How do you keep the vision clear and central over the long-haul?

  • Turning the Vision into Reality - exploring the implementation of the vision over the long-term. Rather than the vision simply being a document that is shared once and then sits in a drawer, how do we turn that dream into reality over the next season of ministry?
    - What needs to be done to turn a dream into reality? How do you implement vision?
    - How do you break your dream into bite-size pieces that can be implemented?
    - What are the roadblocks to fully implementing your dream? How do you clear those roadblocks?
    - How do you fund the vision? Where do you find the right people to make it happen?

Nick Field  
(Senior Pastor, The Street City Church, Wellington)

  • Vision in a Thriving Church - thriving churches are visionary churches. This session looks at the importance of vision in the life of a healthy church. We will define the idea of vision, to ensure we're all talking and thinking about the same thing, and also discuss why vision is such an important part of leadership.
    - What is vision? How does vision differ from mission and/or purpose?
    - Are vision statements too corporate? Is having a vision biblical?
    - Why is vision important? How does clear vision help change culture and provide momentum?

Brad Carr  
(Senior Pastor, BotanyLife Community Church, Auckland)

  • Discovering Your Vision - looking at the process and the people involved in finding and developing your unique vision as a church or ministry.
    - How do we develop a vision for our church or organisation?
    - Who needs to be part of this process? Who should be sitting around the table?
    - What steps should we follow? Where do we find help?

Steve Murray  
(Senior Pastor, Lifezone Church, Tauranga)

  • Changing the Culture - ultimately, implementing a new dream for the future means changing the culture of your church or organisation. Old habits or values need to be cleared away and replaced by a new mindset and lifestyle.
    - Why is culture change so important to the implementation of vision?
    - How do you identify values or habits that are opposed to vision, and how do you best challenge those?
    - How do you go about changing the culture of a church and instilling new values?


Jonathan Dove  
(Senior Pastor, Greenlane Christian Centre, Auckland)

Jonathan will be bringing two in-depth bible sessions, anchored in the Book of Esther.  The context of this ancient story is similar to today, when we often find ourselves in a minority position with seemlingly no power or influence of our own.  And yet Esther provides incredible encouragement and optimism for what God continues to do through his church today.

  • Purim & Providence - In times like these, it can feel like there are people in power positions who call the shots, leaving the people of God scrambling and running.  But Esther provides a fresh reminder that God is quietly and continually at work in utterly surprising ways and will protect his people and accomplish his grand plan.

  • Pride & Prejudice - In times like these, it can feel like that there are forces and people in play that prevent us from thriving. Haman embodied everything opposed to God and his ways.  It looked like he would thrive and God's people would come to their demise.  But God is a reverser of destinies, who rasies up the humble and humbling the proud.  This has happened in the past and continues to happen in the present and future.

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